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t11445.12018-10-30PSP versionso i heard non-chan-senpai route is limited to the PSP. beside non-chan route is there anything news or anything change in the story ? should i get
t11366.32018-10-11[SPOILER] Rinne endyes she did give birth to to Rinne, but when Norimasa come back that day both the real kuon and her daughter have been missing and the one was found
t11366.12018-10-11[SPOILER] Rinne endsorry in advance for my bad english Here are my thought why Rinne actually is Rinné been slepping for atleast 60.000 years. so for those who had
t11332.12018-10-03English ?is there any english translation for this vn, i really looking forward to this vn, is the translation already dead ?
t10692.12018-05-25Quote reminder (may have spoiler)can anyone remind me the quote which Mare said something like "if there too much of something beautiful it become disgusting..." i lost my save file
t10481.32018-04-14Where to get the english patchsorry im new here so i dont know what TBA mean, thank
t10481.12018-04-14Where to get the english patchi see that the game already have english tran but i still cant find it anywhere, can anyone help me pls