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r59679.32018-11-16 at 05:03qpoExtreme Meatpunks Forever: Powered By Blood: Episode 6: Hopefix
r59679.22018-11-16 at 05:02qpoExtreme Meatpunks Forever: Powered By Blood: Episode 6: Hopeout now link
r60606.12018-11-16 at 04:07xg70dRoshutsu Monzetsu Bishoujo Aidoru Shuuchi no Monshouadded release
r60605.22018-11-15 at 23:36warfokiOmae no Tsuma wa, Ore no Inran Niku Yome ~Otonari-san wa Yokkyuu Fuman Deshit...release date
r60605.12018-11-15 at 23:36warfokiOmae no Tsuma wa, Ore no Inran Niku Yome ~Otonari-san wa Yokkyuu Fuman Deshit...New release based on r49242.4
r57356.52018-11-15 at 21:27martroEdelweissUpdate of release date
r60604.12018-11-15 at 20:19armonyTamashii Yokochourelease
r56769.62018-11-15 at 16:20beliarLancaster Boarding House v1.7update
r59980.32018-11-15 at 15:18707Seven Days: Murasaki Iro no Fuuto Hen - Windows Edition..
r60603.12018-11-15 at 15:02707Onee-chan no Yuuwaku - Download EditionNew release based on r55435.4
r59387.62018-11-15 at 13:11gregoryPsychedelica of the Black Butterfly / Geom-eun Nabiui Saikidellika / Hei Die ...Released today
r60602.12018-11-15 at 12:09707Tsuki ni Yorisou Otome no Sahou ~Hidamari no Hibi~New release based on r60601.1
r60601.12018-11-15 at 12:09707Tsuki ni Yorisou Otome no Sahou ~Hidamari no Hibi~rating from the page;could be different after the app is released on respective website
r51555.42018-11-15 at 07:43ure-andricSudebnyj povorot: Trilogijarelease, date, note
r51554.52018-11-15 at 07:41ure-andricGyakuten Saiban 123 Naruhodou Selectiondate, note, release
r60599.32018-11-15 at 06:31hikaridawnGogatsu-iro no sora niUpdate! Please!
r60600.32018-11-15 at 06:29hikaridawnGogatsu-iro no sora ni - TrialUpdate! Please!
r60600.22018-11-15 at 06:27hikaridawnGogatsu-iro no sora ni - TrialUpdate! Please!
r60598.32018-11-15 at 06:25hikaridawnGogatsu-iro no sora ni - Download EditionUpdate! Please!
r60599.22018-11-15 at 06:24hikaridawnGogatsu-iro no sora niUpdate! Please!
r60600.12018-11-15 at 06:23hikaridawnGogatsu-iro no sora niUpdate!
r5191.52018-11-15 at 06:22kominarachromerSEGA AGES 2500 Series Vol. 32: Phantasy Star Complete Collectionadd vn and description edit
r60547.32018-11-15 at 06:13cafeconyomiHoshi Ori Yume Mirai Ruta comúnUpdate.
r60599.12018-11-15 at 06:09hikaridawnGogatsu-iro no sora niUpdate! Please!
r60598.22018-11-15 at 05:56hikaridawnGogatsu-iro no sora ni - Download EditionUpdate! Please!
r60598.12018-11-15 at 05:51hikaridawnGogatsu-iro no sora niUpdate! Please!
r46904.122018-11-15 at 05:45thewayfarerIf You Love Me, Then Say So!Description no longer necessary(?)
r46904.112018-11-15 at 05:44haragIf You Love Me, Then Say So!release date announced
r60597.22018-11-15 at 05:00zcatcrackerTouchuu KasouFix aspect ratio
r60597.12018-11-15 at 04:48zcatcrackerTouchuu KasouAdd release
r25504.52018-11-15 at 00:26desannKajiri Kamui Kagura Akebono no Hikari - First Press EditionAdded differences with older version. Info taken from link
r60477.32018-11-14 at 23:30wyq928576Chaofeng Xiaoshi Zhihaipatch, site
r58646.82018-11-14 at 23:25wyq928576Jiaozhi de Aestivummedia
r17674.52018-11-14 at 21:18kuroneko45DOR Part 1There are simple animations in the story from what I have seen playing this release of DOR.
r60596.12018-11-14 at 21:00beliarPrincess Evangile W Happiness - 18+ PatchNew release based on r41543.20 It's strange it was not in the database yet.
r38277.72018-11-14 at 19:19beliarPrincess Evangile - All-ages EditionNot available on MG site, now available on steam.
r41536.122018-11-14 at 19:15beliarPrincess Evangile W Happiness - All-ages EditionReverted to revision r41536.7 And the edit war became completely moot due to the game being released on GOG
r41543.202018-11-14 at 19:12beliarPrincess Evangile W Happiness - Download EditionReverted to revision r41543.18 Impossible for it to be uncensored, as GOG doesn't accept adult content at all and they stated their position multiple
r28351.122018-11-14 at 19:11beliarPrincess Evangile - Download EditionReverted to revision r28351.9 Every game released on GOG is all ages. Case in point, when v19322 was released on GOG, GOG requested even more edits
r59756.32018-11-14 at 18:57harunyFirst Love StoryRelease of Android version, iOS version not released yet
r59842.32018-11-14 at 16:31warfokiNoble & Knightess - Episode1some warning notes
r28351.112018-11-14 at 16:15marantanaPrincess Evangile - Download Editioncorrection
r28351.102018-11-14 at 16:13marantanaPrincess Evangile - Download Editionthe uncensored version is also available on now
r41543.192018-11-14 at 16:10marantanaPrincess Evangile W Happiness - Download Editionuncensored version now available on
r60189.22018-11-14 at 15:52xuanfengsaoyeNiudun yu Pingguoshu de Gushidistinguish from the official release
r60595.22018-11-14 at 15:48xuanfengsaoyeNewton to Ringo no Kiadd publisher
r60595.12018-11-14 at 15:45xuanfengsaoyeNewton to Ringo no KiLaplacian has opened its official Weibo account and announced that official Chinese version is under development. link No official translation of the
r60594.22018-11-14 at 13:11terios121Boku Mama x Tomo Mama Koukan Hameppu Life ~Bosei Afureru Bokura no Kyonyuu Ma...Download
r60594.12018-11-14 at 12:43kimesuBoku Mama x Tomo Mama Koukan Hameppu Life ~Bosei Afureru Bokura no Kyonyuu Ma...trial
r59223.42018-11-14 at 11:09harleyquinChikan Densha Kyonyuu Otori Sousakan ~Nerawareta Ureta Nikutai~ Download EditionRelease date for most online retailers.