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c25309.182018-10-29 at 16:03traumatizerAsuka Imabody type & pronoun
c25309.172017-12-11 at 23:53traumatizerAsuka Ima+3
c25309.162016-10-22 at 12:50traumatizerAsuka Imalinks
c25309.152016-02-14 at 11:01traumatizerAsuka Imasilent -> taciturn
c25309.142015-09-17 at 13:00traumatizerAsuka Imahair color
c25309.132015-07-26 at 22:28bas3Asuka Imaadded 3 sizes and blood type
c25309.122015-07-09 at 22:40traumatizerAsuka Ima+2
c25309.112015-07-08 at 20:08traumatizerAsuka Ima+1
c25309.102015-06-08 at 09:56weilaiAsuka Ima.
c25309.92015-02-02 at 05:37abew19043Asuka ImaRemoved spoiler tag about Ren, as 1. I couldn't get it to work, since I'm new at this, and 2. Since Ren is a minor spoiler and Ima is now a minor
c25309.82015-02-02 at 05:36abew19043Asuka ImaFixing Spoiler tag about Ren.
c25309.72015-02-02 at 05:34abew19043Asuka ImaSpoiler tagged Ren's name, since she is considered a spoiler character. Turned entire character into minor spoiler in Wish upon a Shooting Star, due
c25309.62015-01-18 at 15:43traumatizerAsuka Imatraits add
c25309.52015-01-13 at 16:43traumatizerAsuka Imaofc forgot to add this
c25309.42015-01-13 at 16:42traumatizerAsuka Imaadd
c25309.32014-12-22 at 16:29traumatizerAsuka ImaReal quick fix
c25309.22014-12-22 at 16:28traumatizerAsuka ImaA little add to the description
c25309.12014-12-22 at 16:26traumatizerAsuka ImaAn important add to the game